Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Love Wednesday: 3

It is my humble opinion that there is no greater feeling than falling in love.

{5 things I love}

boots :: walmart
[these boots]
I bought these boots from WalMart years ago. Who'd have thought, right? They are always my go-to boot once the weather starts to cool. They're not that warm, but they're roomy enough to throw on a good pair of thick socks to keep my tootsies toasty.

grocery checklist :: real simple
[weekly grocery shopping]
When I was alone, I would wake up at 6:00 am every morning to walk to the grocery store. I loved walking along the street when the sun was still down, the streets empty except for maybe one passerby, and the store would always be half lit up, like it was providing mood lighting for my shopping experience. Now that I'm not alone, I've grown to really love our Saturday routine of brainstorming meal ideas, setting a grocery list, and sticking to it (most of the time). Even the waits in line are fun when you're with someone you enjoy.

little houses :: gifted
[random gifts]
I've had a very fun friendship with an old barber ever since I went into his shop and asked if I could take a portrait of him for my photography class years ago. He painted a portrait of me in exchange, and we've been trading random gifts ever since. When I went into his shop last week, he gave me these cute little houses he'd picked up at a garage sale. He'd bought them to go up along the tiny shelf that lines his walls, but they didn't fit so he passed them along to me! So I broke my rule and bought some yarn so I could make him slightly smaller knitted versions of these houses for Christmas.

pumpkin chai latte :: starbucks
[Starbucks at home]
We bought the pumpkin syrup at the beginning of the month, and it's already almost halfway gone. We've already decided to get the caramel syrup next. I really love waking up in the morning to make myself my own Starbucks drink instead of driving to the actual Starbucks location. Not only do I save money by ordering the products online, but I also save on the gas I'm not using. Talk about a win, win for me!

textbook :: nasm
[Studying for my CPT exam]
I got my certified personal trainer textbook in the mail Friday, and I've really enjoyed getting everything all set up. My online learning aids are up and running, and I started my first day of "class" Monday night. Woohoo to finally giving myself a kick in the butt to change my bloody awful career. One thing I've discovered I really love about online courses is that the teacher doesn't yell at you for snacking on chips and dip (or knitting) in class. Haha.

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