Thursday, October 4, 2012

Knitting Frenzy: 2

I'm currently working my way (slowly) through this book I picked up a very long time ago.

Since I'm still trying to use up all of this old acrylic yarn I have stashed before I go and buy any 'fancy' yarns, I thought this would be a great project to help me do just that. I started at the beginning of the book, knitting at least 20 rows of each stitch pattern then moving on to the next without binding off. Of course, most patterns vary on the number of stitches I need on the needle so I increase / decrease as needed.

I'm working on my third skein now, though this project has had to move to the backburner while I finish knitting my Christmas gifts. When I finish the book, I'll block all of the rows and decide on a layout then piece them together. I'm hoping to end up with a somewhat monstrous bedcover that will come in handy during the colder seasons.

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