About Me


I am a crafty crafterson born and raised in a medium-sized town where I currently reside. I’m almost a full-grown adult - still under my parents umbrella, but I’m the one holding the handle. I believe happiness is the secret to life and success. For this reason, I’m very into self gratification with everything from the food I eat to the things I do. I love going on adventures, but I’m terribly shy and awkward around people so I mainly fly solo or with my best friend, Syd. We are both sarcastic and loud and full of hetero love for each other.

I love all things figurine and vintage. I have a gift for seeing ugly things as beautiful so my house and closet is full of pieces that surprise most people. My style has been described as both “grandmother on acid” and “a bit off in a good way.” I mainly collect owls, but I also have a fine collection of canisters, taco shirts, odd hats / head pieces, glasses, and music. Collecting things is my hobby, knitting is my passion. When I’m not knitting, I’m thinking up new things to create with my needles and yarn. I hope to someday make doing what I love into a main source of income - something I’m actively working on at the moment.