Thursday, October 11, 2012

Behind My Front Door

I have this really weird love for looking into other people's lives - especially their houses. I love, love, love when I get invited into someone's house. It's like seeing the inner workings of their mind - the decor, the books, the clutter or lack thereof. But the best part of all? When the door closes, and reveals the most hidden part of any room.

bunny figurine :: dollar store / shelf :: thrifting / hat :: port aransas family center / scarf :: caustic threads / robe :: harry potter land / umbrella :: avon / owl pillow :: pier 1 / slip cover :: kohl's
Our guest's chair sits in front of my window with a comfy owl pillow and super soft slip cover. The curtains I got from my mom. They were wheat-colored when I got them, but I have an unhealthy aversion to neutral tones so I quickly bought some green liquid dye and set to work washer dyeing my curtains. I usually re-dye them every summer because the outside will get sun bleached.

Syd always laughs at how my Hufflepuff robe hangs by the front door 'like you just hang out in it all the time.' But during the winter, I do hang out in it all the time - it's just so warm and comfy! I also have my favorite spring scarf and sun hat that I picked up on vacation hanging right by it. And of course the only umbrella I own and a strategically placed baseball bat - both just in case.

And the whole scene is tied together by the tiny bunny figurine inside the shelf and a set of babushka dolls resting on top (not pictured).

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