Monday, October 8, 2012

Knitting Frenzy: 3

With the holidays approaching, my gift list is my knitting focus.
1. Martin
2. Marsha
3. Sydney
4. Secret Santa
5. Family
6. Kia
Martin's belated birthday gift is out of the way (pattern post coming soon), and now it's time to start on Christmas gifts. I was going to start on Martin's first, but then I discovered the yarn I thought I had has all been used up. Oh no! Now I have to hunt down another awesome gift to knit up for him using the yarn I do have.

The Aquaman 'A'
In the meantime, I'm starting in on Sydney's Aquaman slippers. Sydney and I have this great love for comic books. Sydney has a much greater collection than I, and since we have the same taste all around, I usually just borrow hers to get my fix. Superman used to be Syd's favorite superhero, but over the years, she's grown to really love Aquaman. And for good reason!

One slipper done, one to go!
Martin likes to give me a hard time every time I start talking about how awesome Aquaman is. He just knows exactly what buttons to press to get me all red-faced with indignation that he would dare suggest Superman is better than Aquaman. But the fact remains, Aquaman can do absolutely everything Superman can do and then some. In other words, he's just better! But I digress.

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport Yarn in Orange, Grass, and Caution.
Luckily, I already ordered this fancy wool yarn before I started enforcing my personal rule to not buy any more yarn until I've used up what I have. I got one whole slipper knitted up last night, and I'll be working on the second one tonight. I suppose I'll have to go buy a new set of darning needles since I can't seem to find mine anywhere (they must've gotten lost in the move).

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