Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recipe: Potato Apple Gratin Casserole

I found this great recipe on RealSimple while searching for casserole dishes for the holidays, and decided to whip it up for dinner.
I reduced the recipe by 1/3, and I used red potatoes instead of baking potatoes because that's just what we had on hand.
Potato Apple Gratin Casserole

What you'll need.
2 eggs
1 pint buttermilk
2/3 tablespoon thyme
1 1/3 teaspoon salt
a pinch pepper
3 red potatoes, peeled and chopped
3 granny smith apples, peeled and chopped
a little under a block of swiss cheese, shredded
about half a package of parmesan cheese, grated

{Step 1}
Preheat oven to 375 degrees F and grease your dish. Whisk together the eggs buttermilk and spices. Set aside.

{Step 2}
Layer a portion of the potatoes, apples, and cheeses. Pour a portion of the egg mixture on top.

{Step 3}
Repeat Step 2 until all ingredients are used.

{Step 4}
Cover and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then bake uncovered for 15 minutes.

 Mine ended up bubbling over, but that's because I filled them up with no wiggle room. And I'm not sure if the cheese came out so done on top because it baked too long or I forgot to pour the egg mixture after adding the cheese on the top layer.

Either way, Martin thought of putting bacon on the bottom next time, but I think that would leave me with soggy bacon. Maybe a lattice top of bacon would come out crunchy enough for my tastes. Mmmm... I can't wait to try that!

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