Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Love Wednesday: 2

The top five things I'm wishing for this holiday season. 

owl knitting needle gauge :: tangerine8

 This adorable knitting needle gauge isn't really something I need (I already own two metal gauges), but it is something I really, really want! How could I not when it's just so gosh darn cute?

t-rex's busy day hoodie :: topatoco
I'd love to get all cozy in this dinosaur hoodie designed by the creator of Dinosaur Comics. Panel two is always my favorite; T-rex always looks so aghast.

anatomy coloring book :: amazon
I've always had a weird fascination with scientific coloring books, and now that I'm going to have to learn the muscles for my CPT exam, I'm dying to get this one. Not that I really want to use it for studying; I just like coloring books.

harry potter and the sorcerer's stone audiobook :: amazon
The Harry Potter audiobooks are at the top of my favorite audiobooks list. My favorite of the two narrators is Jim Dale - he's always so perfect with his tone, and his character voices are always consistent. I've had these on my wish list for so long, but they're just so pricey that I never feel right buying them.

the woodsy association pattern set :: knitpicks
Saving the best for last? I think so. I can't get enough of these cute little wrist-ees designed by tiny owl knits. All of her pattern designs are just the cutest!

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