Monday, October 22, 2012

Knitting Frenzy: 4

I was finally able to pick up my knitting needles this weekend. Yay! I decided to work on something for me that would be a super quick knit so I didn't have to worry about stressing my wrist on the tiny needles I'm having to use for the ornaments. I got this super cute cowl knitted up all in one night. I haven't gotten to wear it yet, but once the next cold front hits, I'll be ready!

I've come a very long way on my Christmas gift knitting, and by my calculations, I should be finished by the end of November. Perfect! I did cheat by buying Martin's gift online. When I found it, I just couldn't stop myself. I still have some prep work to do for it, but that will wait until I'm home alone. And don't worry, lots of pictures when I get it ready.

1. Martin
2. Marsha
3. Sydney
4. Secret Santa
5. Kia

I got word from my parents that they won't be doing a big family Christmas again this year, so I won't have to worry about making any gifts for anyone in my own family.

I've finished knitting up Sydney's Aquaman slippers (birthday present), but I can't felt them down without her there, so her birthday gift is as done as it can be until her birthday arrives. Though I do need to start thinking about packaging.

I'm currently working on my Secret Santa's ornaments. I had every person participating pick out the four ornaments they wanted before we drew names. So I'm knitting up a snowman, peppermint candy, cupcake, and birdhouse out of this pattern set I bought a while back. Then I'll go ahead and finish off the second snowman for Martin's mom.

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