Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weekend Plans

1. Celebrate geekdom. This weekend I'm setting aside 11 hours to watch Dr. Who in the order of River Song's timeline. I'm so excited, even though I'll have to redo this when the new season releases on Netflix.

2. Organize more yarn. I'm going to tackle one more basket of yarn this weekend. I'll maybe have two more baskets after this one. But it looks like some of it is quite a tangled mess.

3. Make candy. I've tried it once, but to no avail. It's time to sit down and tackle this project.

4. Set up February journal. It's time to plan out my blog posts schedule for February. I can't believe I've almost finished one whole month!

5. Do some much needed painting. I have some old mushroom tiles that need a good coating of varnish to protect them and a poor looking table top that needs a fresh coat of paint to spice it up.

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