Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Knitting Frenzy: all the blues

Completed Projects

1. Mossy headband

2. Cabled Cowl

3. Foxy Hat

4. Owl Wristees

Working On

1. The Camera strap is turning out so pretty. I can't wait to attach it to my camera!
2. Part 1 of the mystery knit-a-long is officially under way.
3. The collar of the dog sweater is just too adorable so far. And the premium acrylic yarn is so soft and comfy.
4. The Felix the Cat slippers don't look like they've come very far, but they really have. I've frogged and restarted so many times now, but I do believe this will be the final go around.

Starting Soon

1. My year in temperatures journal. The original concept by Kristen Cooper was for a temperatures scarf, but I didn't have enough colors of yarn in my stash for that so I decided on a cross stitch version. Next obstacle? I don't have any cross stitch fabric. So after some brainstorming, I came up with cross stitching the entire year of temperatures into a little moleskin sketch journal.
2. 12 cowls in 2013 is one of the great stash-busting projects I'm taking on this year, and January's cowl will soon be casted on.
3. Another dots drink cozy with this pretty self-striping yarn for the shop.

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