Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January's Goals

1. Stick to budget. Taking a new job means major adjustments to my budgeting, and sticking to it will be a very rewarding goal to reach. And I'll have the help of all my lovely piggy banks.

2. Stay hydrated. I'm very bad at getting enough water throughout the day, especially since I drink caffeinated tea every morning.

3. Make love (not war). It's so easy to let your temper flare at the people you love the most. I'm no stranger to it, but I want to show those I love how much they mean to me.

4. Excel at job. My new job comes with some new perks. For starters, I finally get to dye my hair whatever crazy color I feel like. And I don't have to keep my tattoos covered at all times! That means no more long sleeves during those hot summer months. Yay for the perks of working in a salon.

5. Go analog. It's been so long since I've done any analog shooting. I just got so caught up in digital when I got my SLR that I left my analog cameras to collect dust.

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