Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's In My Project Bag?

cat lady pride tote :: topatoco
Out of my entire collection of purses / bags I've converted into project bags, this one created by octopus pie is by far my favorite. I start off every knitting project with planning exactly what I'll need throughout the entire project and throwing it all in a bag together so I'll never be caught unprepared for finishing.
So what's in my bag?

Proper needles, yarn, and back up skeins of course.

My iPod and earbuds are a must-have when I'm out and about with my knitting. To prepare my finishing box (a converted vintage men's shaving kit), I sort through each item in my large box of knitting notions and transfer over what I'll need to finish my current project. For this project, I have my metal knitting gauge, crochet hook, small darning needle, scissors, and pins.

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