Monday, November 12, 2012

Pattern: Wonder Woman Slippers

I love, love, love this pattern! But of course I would seeing how my love of Wonder Woman will never fade.

This pattern is for the knit pattern only - felting tutorial post coming soon!

Wonder Woman Slippers

Small US 5-6 (Medium US 7-8) (Large US 9-10)

2 skeins Wool of the Andes worsted yarn in Red
2 skeins Wool of the Andes worsted yarn in Caution
1 pair of US 11 needles

CO - cast on

{Pattern notes}
For the decrease of 3 stitches on each side at the top of the charts, bind off 3 stitches on odd row [row 25 (29) (33)], then bind off 3 stitches on the next even row (should have total of 26 (30) (34) rows after bind off rows).

So that slippers are mirror images of each other, I work one slipper starting on the right side and the other slipper starting on the wrong side.


CO 32 stitches in red.

{Double Knitting}
Follow the proper size chart below




{Decreases / Increases}

Work your decreases and increases using the chart below. Watch the video tutorial here if you don't know how to decrease / increase your stitches with double knitting.

Weave in ends, felt down these babies, and enjoy!

A felting tutorial post will be up Saturday, so check back soon. Also, it will be a picture tutorial seeing as I was extremely awkward in the video tutorial. Haha.

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