Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall / Winter Reading List: 2

I'm one book down, four to go!

I finished The Woods Are Dark by Richard Laymon just a few days after posting. It was a very quick read, but very disappointing. I was expecting much more detail in the horror of the story, but everything was lacking. Even the few love scenes were atrociously written. All-in-all, I probably won't pick up another book by Richard Laymon. It just left me wanting more.

Since I finished well before Halloween and wanted to keep the horror coming, I chose Galilee by Clive Barker next. It's a romance horror story, and so far it's living up to all of my Clive Barker expectations. It's a slow burn with Clive; I'm in part three of the book and I'm still learning backstory. I'm moving much slower with this one, but it is also much better. Of course, Clive Barker is my favorite author so my opinion of his work is little biased.

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