Thursday, November 8, 2012

Knitting Frenzy: 6

Almost all of my Christmas gifts are done now. Hoowee!

1. Martin
2. Marsha
3. Sydney
4. Secret Santa
5. Kia
6. Terry

Marsha's snowman ornament
I finished Marsha's snowman ornament, and his little bead eyes are still making me squee. I'm glad to be done with ornament making. As cute as they are, I was really ready to move on to knitting things I could get really excited about.

Kia's lady tie
Speaking of exciting things, I finished knitting two swatches for Kia's lady tie (and two prototypes). I've decided on moss stitch with yarn held doubled so it would have a little weight to it and lay flat easily. I also worked my butt off getting the math just right (I really flub it up sometimes). I can't wait to add the embroidery to the final piece. Who'd have thought I'd be so excited to hand sew something? And working the final piece out should help make a great tutorial for felting!

Wonder Woman slippers
Right now I'm working on the small side project of my Wonder Woman slippers. A video tutorial post on how to increase and decrease stitches with double knitting should be up Saturday, and the pattern post for these babies will be up Monday. I'm going to felt them down with Syd's Aquaman slippers whenever she comes over to get her birthday present.

And I'll be casting on for Terry's wonderful Christmas houses soon. I've got a plan of action, but I'm going to run through a trial house first. Also, my Kitten is cute and matches my carpet.


  1. I just wanna squish that kitty!

    1. I know! She rolls over to show me her belly every time I walk by... daaaaw!