Friday, November 2, 2012

Knitting Frenzy: 5

Palette Yarn :: knitpicks
The yarn for the tiny houses came in yesterday, and I'm rushing to get all my other gifts knitted up so I can start working with this amazing yarn!

1. Martin
2. Marsha
3. Sydney
4. Secret Santa
5. Kia
6. Terry

pattern :: Amy Gaines
I'm officially finished with the set of adorable ornaments I started a couple weeks ago for my Secret Santa at work. I'm going gaga for the little snowman eyes!

pattern :: coming soon
I will be finishing up Syd's comic book cozy tonight. I've knit it all up, woven in ends, and blocked it last night to make it easier to seam it up evenly. Then it's just a cute little button to hold the flap down and I'll be done!

pattern :: Amy Gaines
I started on Marsha's ornament Wednesday night. My wrist is starting to hurt again... dang. I think it's from how tense I get when I'm working with tiny needles. I have to stop myself often just to take a breath and force myself to relax my muscles... it's very counterintuitive.

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