Thursday, September 27, 2012

Knitting Frenzy: 1

I have so much to knit and so little time!

My list of projects for Christmas is a doozy this year, and we all know I'm the world's slowest knitter so it's time to get on this!

1. Martin
2. Marsha
3. Sydney
4. Secret Santa
5. Family

I started working on Martin's belated birthday present last night after practice. Something you should know about this gift - Martin's knees are always cold to the bone. He's been dropping hints for a while that he's ready for me to make him some knee warmers, but I just haven't gotten around to it until last night.
I picked up a couple skeins of this Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky Yarn in Wheat back when I was going to knit myself a pair of  legwarmers. Isn't it funny how I never seem to start - least of all finish! - any of the knitting projects I intend to do for myself? Irony at its finest. So I decided to sacrifice a skein for the greater good (the greater good) of my wallet.
I was referencing this great pattern by Susan Power over at Knitty - you may recognize it as the same pattern I referenced for Poppy Fresh's legwarmers. I was hoping that by knitting the top part of the legwarmers, I could turn them into knee warmers, but after a few rows in, I noticed the size was far too big for Martin's little chicken legs so I had to undo my work and start a-fresh. I dropped the original 76 stitch cast on down to a 52 stitch cast on, but again, after a few rows it still looked like they'd be just loose enough to be an inconvenience. So I'll be undoing my work and starting again tonight with a 40 stitch cast on instead. And since I'm using a 2x2 rib, this should leave the knee warmers stretchy enough to not be confining, but snug enough he can wear them to bed when it gets cold out.

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