Friday, September 28, 2012

INDIE Blogger Challenge: Week 1 Day 2

It's Day 2 of my INDIE Blogger Challenge, and it's all about finding my voice and knowing my limits.

How much of my personal life will I be sharing in this blog?
Well, the same amount I would share with a random stranger on the street. Which is actually quite a bit, because I've learned through the years that strangers really do make the best therapists. And also, in my personal life as well as my blog life, I just don't really understand the point of not being completely honest about my feelings, thoughts, and opinions so be prepared to read about them.
What are my limits?
The only cursing you will read on this blog is when I'm quoting someone's words, because I don't like it when someone misquotes me so I wouldn't want to misquote anyone else. You will mostly not find faith or political discussions here, because neither are a very big part of my life. Though I do sometimes find a political issue I really mesh with and care about or a story of non-tolerance that really peeves me so there's always a chance of a rant in here somewhere.

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