Saturday, September 29, 2012

Inspiring Me

via: retro renovation
So I'm having an incredibly difficult time finding the vintage tiles I'd hoped to use for my backsplash about a year ago. Unfortunately, I've already torn down my painfully vomit colored laminate backsplash - a little premature, I can admit. Lately I've been trying to think of cheap and easy solutions to my every present missing kitchen backsplash issue. I've recently been favoring the look and feel of wood in decorating. There's just something so classic and timeless about it so I wondered if plywood could be used as a decent backsplash. Answer? Yes.
via: Care2
I found this great rustic kitchen while searching for plywood backsplash ideas for my kitchen. Comparing the look of this kitchen with mine, I decided to use painted plywood instead of leaving it bare. And I love the way the cabinets are just shelves on the wall - the continuing wall makes me swoon.
via: house beautiful
I've also really been digging weathered painted cabinets, but for now I'll just stick with my conquering backsplash challenge.

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