Wednesday, September 26, 2012

INDIE Blogger Challenge: Week 1 Day 1

I've signed up for the INDIE Blogger e-course over at Delightfully Tacky, and instead of blindly changing things up all willy-nilly, I thought I'd give you guys some insight into my blog revamping!
I purchased this e-course because it appeared to have loads of helpful information and it's written by two successful bloggers that wanted to give the general public not only what they learned from blogging seminars, but also what they've learned from years of blogging. It's structured very nicely with a plethora of focus points for every major topic plus bonus content all catalogued ready to be sifted through.
My first "assignment" - as I'm calling them - is to find my focus. To do this, I'll be freewriting (free-typing) for 30 seconds, focusing on what I enjoy.
Baking. Martin. Kitties. Knitting. Decorating. Writing. Taking pics. Reading. Video games. Derby. Skating. Training. TV shows. Thrifting. Drawing.
Narrowing this list down to just a few things to blog about was pretty difficult because I do love all of these things so much.
My main focuses for this blog will be baking, knitting, decorating, my progression with roller derby (and maybe even the road to the World Cup '14), and my progression with training / becoming a personal trainer. And maybe there will be a few intermittent posts regarding the other topics I enjoy every now and again.

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