Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday's Simple: Hair Love

Now that I've finally gone redhead, I feel like doing more than just throwing up my curly locks in a ponytail. And thanks to the simple, easy-to-follow hair tutorials over at A Beautiful Mess, I've got this hair thing in the bag.

Day 1: Maiden Braids 
As intricate as these braids look, I picked them first because of how easy the tutorial made them look. The only problem that really occurred was my hair was quite a bit shorter than the model's, but that just meant pinning the braids where you could see the pins and tucking in the ends.

Day 2: Side Braid
 This braid was super easy, though I don't think I did the fishtail braid correctly.

Day 3: Messy Bun
A really cute way to dress up a simple pony tail.

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