Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Goals

1. Write down all spending. I'm doing well so far to write it all down, not so much on actually not spending much.

2. Love my hair! Now that I work in a hair salon and know I'll be dyeing my hair frequently, I need to start taking better care of it.

3. Read, read, read. With March quickly approaching, I want to keep up with my fall / winter reading list to have it finished on time. I already have my spring / summer reading list picked out!

4. Clean every day. It seems that as soon as I clean everything up, it's messy again. Hopefully cleaning every day will stop this shenanigans!

5. Master fair isle knitting! Okay, so maybe mastering it won't happen in a month, but I want to at least knit one thing using the fair isle technique. It's high time I stopped shying away from all the wonderful color work patterns I find.

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