Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Knitting Frenzy


1. January Cowl - This project taught me that, though I may love the way large cables look, I hate knitting them.
2. Dog Sweater - My very first sweater! After completing this project, I think I'll be much more comfortable about starting a sweater for myself.
3. I-Cord Necklace Cowl - This design was so simple and easy, I may have to use this to use up most of the rest of my stash.
4. Harry Potter Bookmark - I'm slowly making a bookmark for every book in my library, or at least the ones not going into my sell pile.

Working On

1. Depths Cowl - I found a wonderful stitch pattern for an open mesh stitch from Derya Davenport.
2. Temperature Journal - I broke down and bought some cross stitch canvas, so now I'm actually working on stitching the journal!
3. Wonder Woman Fingerless Gloves - I'm so excited to get to wear these things!
4. Bookmark

Starting Soon

1. iPad Sweater - My fair isle February goal will soon be underway.
2. Bookmark
3. Flower Bud - I'm excited to finally have a flower bud for my little bud vase.

1 comment:

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